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About Us

Zoey's Fresh Flowers delivers flower bouquets sourced sustainably from responsible growers to anywhere in North America.

A birds eye view of all of our bouquets

We believe there’s a new age coming in the floral industry (and everywhere else, truly); an age of accountability, transparency, and sustainability.

This is why we know who our growers are. This is why we only purchase flowers from responsible growers that uphold strict water conservation policies, that maintain sustainable horticultural practices, and that only use non-toxic, organic, pesticides.

Our growers go beyond this, they also have community-building programs and women empowerment policies. They care about their workers, and it shows.

Why? Because happy farmers mean prettier flowers and a better world.

We launched during the COVID-19 global pandemic, with some beta tests to family and friends to ensure that our products were fantastic.

Over these past few months, we’ve perfected the purchasing experience and added a whole new line of products, 40 in total!

What’s next? We will have new bouquets and new flower varieties ready to launch by September 2021.

Questions? Email us at for more information.