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Challenging the status quo: Part I

Challenging the status quo: Part I

Currently, there isn’t another competitor selling as many quality flowers per bouquet, at our price point, in the U.S. Why? It’s simple. Their current cost structure cannot sustain lower prices. 

Sure, they can sell cheaper products at a lower price. But they can’t match our prices for the quality and length that we are providing.

Also, they can’t be as transparent of what they are selling as we are. We tell you the type of variety (Tibet, Freedom, etc.) and the number of stems you are purchasing, not just the color and the type of flower (Rose, Stock, etc.).

 Flower recipe for bouquet
For example: Our recipe for Wilde. Link here.


Cocky, aren’t we? No. We just really understand how the industry works because we’ve been in it for over 20 years, and we have been working on this project for five.

To clarify our confidence, I must first explain the state of the current floral industry. I apologize in advance for the unwanted logistics mini seminar. But it’s the only way to explain how Zoey’s Fresh Flowers challenges the status quo.

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