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Flower maintenance

Flower maintenance

My team and I decided to compile a few tips so you can enjoy your flowers for many more days.

  • Cut them to make them last longer!

Every other day, or at most after two days, cut them an inch or two. The stems become obstructed and stop absorbing water with the same efficiency as they did before.

  • Change the water

The water gets dirty and that affects the quality of the flowers you have in the vase. Ideally, you will change the water from the vase as you cut the stems every other day.

  • Watch out where you put them.

Do not, under any circumstance, place your flowers in hot temperatures or under direct sunlight during summer. Place them where the sun can reach them but try to avoid direct sunlight.

  • Longer roses will last longer

Buy longer roses, it’s that simple. They have better energy reserves than shorter roses as they have thicker stems, bigger heads and more leaves. Also, if you buy longer roses you can repeat our first advice many more times, which means longer lasting bouquets. This is why all of our bouquets are at least 24 inches long.

  • Watch out for the leaves!

The last advice my team and I have for you is to watch out for the leaves. People often seem to neglect to prune them. As with any plant you should take out the damaged leaves or petals, that way any disease or decomposition process will be held back for as long as possible.


As you can see, maintaining roses is harder than what most people expect, but for what you are paying it is the least you can do.

Making your roses last an extra 3-5 days is basically more than doubling your money’s worth! Imagine if they last 12-15 days!

I personally, have had roses last up to a month at home, which to be honest is quite a long time.


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