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Things you'll need

Things you'll need


  • A large vase (trust us, our flowers are long).
    • We recommend a tall, 12" clear glass vase that is at least 5" wide. 
    • Remember to wash the vase with anti-bacterial cleaning soap every time you change the water and before its first use. 
  • Scissors.
    • In a pinch, you could work with almost anything. But professional pruning scissors will allow you to cut three to four stems at a time.
    • We recommend the Felco F-2. It’s used by the farm, friends, and family alike. 
  • Water.
    • Tap water that is high in fluoride and sodium is toxic for roses. Just something to keep in mind in case you live in a city that has added fluoride to its water supply. 
    • Change the water every time you trim the stems, every two days. 
  • Flower food.
    • Don't worry about purchasing this. We’ll send over two packs of our recommended flower food.
    • Use one pack per arrangement, every time you change the water. 
  • Cold air.
    • Avoid heating vents and direct sunlight. Find the coolest part of your home to place your vase and we promise your flowers will last longer. 
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