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How it all started

How it all started

The dream of Zoey’s Fresh Flowers first took flight one warm summer night in a finca, outside the picturesque town of Marbella, near Pereira, Colombia. 

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My husband and I were visiting work colleagues and discussing the current state of the industry. It was abundantly clear for all those present that night, that the floral industry was at a tipping point of a technological leap. 

Change had remained dormant and the status quo had to be challenged. We were in pursuit of a revolution. Our mission? To deliver premium quality bouquets anywhere in the U.S. and Canada in less than four days at an unmatched value point.

After two years and one failed attempt we managed it. Here we are, incredibly grateful and excited to launch our new product line.

We think you should be excited as well. Our flowers are of an exceptional premium quality. They are so fresh, that they still remember the earth from whence they came from.

But what matters most to us, as parents, is that they have been grown with sustainable practices that are conscious of the environment, benefit the local community, and conserve water.

We are proud of our product and happy that you have decided to visit us. 

Questions? Call us at (206) 414-3088 or email us at

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