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For those who like to live dangerously

For those who like to live dangerously

Mother's Day is coming up, this year it will fall on Sunday, May 9th.

Should you wait to place your order? It depends. How long do you want to wait? 

A week? Two weeks? Three? The Friday right before Mother’s Day?

If you want to wait a week, go for it!

If you are going to wait until the last Friday before Mother’s Day to place your order, I’m sorry my friend, but it’s not going to happen. 

Why? Let me explain. 

Pink and light pink roses

Let’s assume you put in your order at 8 am, on Friday, and we have your recipe at hand, it will still take UPS three to four days to deliver it to you. That means you will get it on Wednesday, after Mother’s Day. 

“I see. So, can I put in my order on Wednesday, May 5th, then?”

Not really, our flowers will look better after one to two days of drinking a tall glass of water. They had a long journey. 

Sidenote: Before you argue about water packaging or proconas, trust us our packaging has been tested for over two decades to destinations as far as Irkutsk, Russia. Also, it has been scientifically proven that proconas are subpar to having proper temperature controls and hydration at the farm. 

But I’m getting distracted. So let’s get back to the dates. 

pink, white and red roses

So, maybe, you put in your order on Tuesday, May 4th, to get it by Friday, May 7th, right? Yes, but no. 

Yes, you could get your order but Friday. But if there’s any delay with UPS, if there’s any climate oddity that creates a transportation bottleneck, your order will have to be delivered on Saturday. But... not every UPS warehouse has Saturday deliveries. 

This means that your order might be sitting in a warm storage room over the weekend. By the time you get your order on Monday, Mother’s Day will have passed and your flowers will most likely look very bad indeed

“Ok, fine so I’ll put in my order on Monday, May 3rd, by 8 am EST!”

Great! We can almost guarantee that you will have your flowers looking beautiful by Mother’s Day. 


Unless you were thinking of buying any handcrafted bouquets or bouquets that contain handcrafted stems (like our Byron, pictured above).

If the answer is yes, then your order will not be ready to ship by Monday. 


Handcrafted bouquets are complicated. They require a certain level of artistry to look truly beautiful. They are exquisite, yes. But like anything truly marvelous they take a few days to make. 

In fact, it takes us five to seven days to make handcrafted bouquets, without counting delivery. 

“Agh! Just tell me already! By when should I place my order?”


The safe answer is as soon as possible. 

But if you are a cheeky daredevil that likes to live life on the edge and enjoys a good thrill, then put in your order by Monday the 26th of April. That’s in almost two weeks. 

Need a reminder? That’s ok, just click on the link below, and I’ll send you a reminder on the 25th of April so you don’t forget to put in your order. 


Also, just a heads up, if you are looking for a convenient checkout method we incorporated Klarna and Affirm into our checkout options. 

Klarna and Affirm are buy-now-pay-later checkout options that allow you to divide your total checkout value over several months, so you can pay in installments. Just something to keep in mind.
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