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Challenging the status quo: Part III

Challenging the status quo: Part III

Infographic describing the florla industry

Now, at Zoey’s Fresh Flowers we jump from 12 steps to just 5.

  1. Breeder
  2. Farmer
  3. Zoey’s Fresh Flowers
  4. UPS
  5. Your Door 

This is why our flowers last longer. This is also why we are completely transparent on our pricing and from whom we source our flowers.

We believe there’s a new age coming in the floral industry (and everywhere else, truly); an age of accountability, transparency, and sustainability.

This is why we know who our growers are. This is why we only purchase flowers from responsible growers that uphold strict water conservation policies, that maintain sustainable horticultural practices, and that only use non-toxic, organic, pesticides.

Our growers go beyond this, they also have community-building programs and women empowerment policies. They care about their workers, and it shows.

Now, for the tough question: is it more sustainable to purchase flowers sourced directly from a grower and shipped via UPS, straight to my door?

The answer: we believe so. But we are not sure.

It makes logical sense that it does, but we are not going to lie to you. Instead, we are going to be sure.

This is why one of our Co-Founders is currently undergoing a Masters in Sustainability at a leading university in a highly selective program.

Once he concludes his studies, he will be an LCA certified practitioner.  What does that mean? It means, that he will be able to successfully complete a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) on our business model and evaluate whether or not we are the more sustainable choice.

Why are we telling you this? Because it matters.

If you've missed it, read Part I or Part II.

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